Nicolas Guenin Senior frontend developer based in Bordeaux

I'm Nicolas, Javascript, CSS and UI lover ❤️.

I do all of my best to improve the web.


My core skills are mainly Javascript and CSS on frontend side, and NodeJs on backend side.

As a frontend senior, I deal with maintenability, flexibility & code optimization, performance, security, accessibility (W3CAG), best pratices, SEO and transversality.

Programming languages

  • Javascript: Ecmascript / Typescript / Server-Side Rendering
  • Vue: Vue & Nuxt Framework
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • CSS: PostCSS / SASS / LESS
  • HTML


  • Monorepo
  • Microservices
  • Micro-frontend
  • Docker
  • CI
  • Design System

Programming tools

  • Api models & tools: Rest / Firebase
  • Unit test & E2E: Jest / Mocha / Chai / Istanbul / Browserstack
  • Monitoring: Sentry / Errorception
  • Module bundler: Webpack / Vite / Grunt / Gulp
  • Lint: Eslint / Prettier / Husky
  • Git: Gitlab / Github / Bitbucket

Other skills

  • SVG Animations
  • JsonLD / Microdata
  • Database: MongoDb / MySQL / Redis
  • PHP / Laravel
  • Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Angular / React native and Native script

Some talks

Latest companies

Yogosha since 2022

Lead frontend developer

I'm in charge of developing our applications and their architectures on the front end.

I'm also in charge of setting up tools to improve the codebase and the day-to-day work of the developers I technically supervise.

Together with the architect and the backend lead, we are responsible for guaranteeing code quality and scalability, and work together to materialize the needs of the product team.

Some examples of projects: cryptography, development of an instance deployment application communicating with kubernetes, redesign of the monorepo architecture, implementation of a task management interface, creation of a stable design system and implementation of a gray label, etc.

LoisirsEnchères 2019 - 2022

Senior frontend developer.

I worked on the development of frontend and backend features in a microservices architecture, on the integration of the web design of the site and the admin interfaces.

I worked in the development of some projects like the chatbox interface, the price negotiation module and the bids module, the immersive experience with svg animations, the migration of the previous site in Silex PHP to Nuxt and Vue Composition Api in SSR with a NodeJs microservices architecture and a Firebase real-time database, and many other e-commerce features.

SEPPA 2017 - 2019

Frontend developer.

I developped a CMS based on Vue and NodeJs.
The goal of this project was to allow our clients to create landing pages easily and responsively with drag n drop, and customizable elements.

I have also developed e-commerce sites and city hall sites with important accessibility constraints.


I went freelance in 2015 and developed a few projects for local companies.

Buzz Agency 2015 - 2017

Frontend developer

I developed a booking platform for medical conferences, and many websites for local businesses.